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Control, Monitor and Automate Your Utilities

While home automation is oftentimes marketed as a convenience, there are some very practical applications of this technology. Those practical applications include the complete control of the HVAC system in the home.

Controlling the HVAC from a remote location allows far more than the convenience and comfort of a comfortably warmed or cooled house when you arrive at your house, though that certainly is one of the major benefits. Even a cursory glance at this technology, however, reveals that it has far more significant implications and some of the capabilities of home automation can save homeowners a great deal of money.

How it Helps

Automation is essentially a clever implementation of technology that allows a homeowner to have complete control over some of the features of their home when they are away. Where HVAC is concerned, this can mean having the ability to control heating and cooling a matter where you are. If you happen to be vacationing in Abu Dhabi, for instance, and you find out that the weather in the Hamptons has gotten cold enough to freeze your pipes, you could turn on your heating at your home from Abu Dhabi and ensure that your house isn’t freezing while you’re not there.

This is the obvious scenario that is usually given when people talk about home automation. It can be used for practical considerations, such as making sure the home is warm before you get home, cooled off in the summer if you’re out and about and so forth. As far as saving money goes, however, there are some remarkable ways that home automation can do that that are a lot more subtle than just turning on your HVAC system.

Fine Degree of Control

In addition to being able to control your HVAC system, home renovation also allows you to control features such as automatic drapery closing systems. This can have a significant effect on how much money you pay for utilities every month.

 As just an example, imagine you have a condominium in West Palm Beach. If you’re fairly certain that the condominium has been cleaned in anticipation of your arrival, you can also be fairly certain that the cleaning personnel probably left the window draperies open, to let in a bit of light and freshen up the air. If you’re on your way to the condominium and you want to make certain that it’s cool enough to be comfortable, you can easily have the drapes drawn automatically before you arrive. In addition to being able to turn on your HVAC system, you can actually save money by, instead of merely turning on the AC, eliminating the cause of the heat.

Utility Management and Monitoring with Home Automation

Home automation contractor can provide you with the technology you need to control many different facets of your home, including your heating and cooling and other elements that can contribute to saving money and utilities. How you use that technology, however, is only limited by your creativity and your desire to get the most out of it. Home automation contractors can generally give you some tips as to how to put the technology they install to the best use.

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