Tips For Picking A Great Mobile And TV Carrier


Tips For Picking A Great Mobile And TV Carrier

When you are looking at who to choose as a carrier there are several important items to assess to ensure that you pick the right company! Today we are going to focus on TeliaSonera, an International carrier, who shows these great traits that we would look for and expect in any other brands that could be considered in your lineup depending on your location.

Do They Own Their Own Network?

TeliaSonera, our featured example, was one of the first few carriers out there to actually build their own network, and this started back in 1998, not last year. One of their first connections was London to Paris, very fashionable of them right? By them owning their own communications equipment it protects you from rises in third-party pricing should they have to rent capacity from other companies, if you chose a brand who doesn’t own their own equipment that is…

Perhaps most importantly outside of just the scare of rising prices is the speed. Because it is their own equipment they know how to service it and utilize it to its full potential. This means fast speed for you when you are playing video games online or browsing the internet, or watching your favorite movie on NetFlix!

Are They Capable Of Growth?

One thing you should look at is if they are able to grow to handle more users. Don’t get jealous of other customers because you think they are using up your bandwidth, the more customers the brand and carrier has the more stable they can become meaning higher quality-of-service for you and likelyhood that prices actually can go down as they scale. In fact TeliaSonera either owns or is associated with over 12 brands worldwide in countries varying from Turkey to Russia, how is that for growth? They are at over 18 million mobile customers right now, clearly showing they are capable and ready!

Let us know your thoughts on TeliaSonera in the comments below and check out the video below to get a glimpse into the future of mobile and what you can do!

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