What Perimeter Protection & Motion Detection Can Do For You

Automated Motion Sensors and Detection

Feel Safe At Home and Know Whats Going On While Travelling 

Perimeter protection through motion detection is an important element of any burglar alarm. These systems can be installed inside, outside or even in both areas of your property.

Integrating motion detectors to your perimeter protection system will make your home and other properties more secure. Modern security systems can also be customized to function intelligently, saving more energy and resources.

Motion detectors vary depending on the range of detection. Some devices can detect motion within a foot or two, while others can cover as huge as 5,000 square feet. Other devices can detect motion through walls, while some may require a sightline to the moving subject.

Safety First: Understand The Different Types of Motion Detectors

Basically there are two types of detectors, the Passive InfraRed and the microwave. The former monitors infrared radiation released by the objects within their field of view. It will alert your security system once it detects any movement against the background radiation levels.

Microwave detectors, on the other hand, transmit electromagnetic signals. A moving object is recognized by comparing transmitted and reflected signals. This kind of motion detection is much more sensitive to movement compared to Passive InfraRed detectors. Therefore, it is prone to prone false alarms if not configured properly as their detection passes through walls.

In most cases, Passive InfraRed detectors provide better protection. There are also detectors that combine Passive InfraRed and microwave capabilities. They are called dual-technology sensors. Such device has low false alarm rate because both technologies would have to detect simultaneously for the alarm to be triggered.

 Which Motion Detector is Right for You?

 Motion detectors and sensors can be simple or more complex. If you are living with pets, then providing tolerance is a must. You may want to just activate the system in certain areas of your property. You can likewise integrate other security features such as physical perimeter security, security lighting and even CCTV cameras. For businesses and other high-value properties, the suggested intruder alarm system would be that of dual-technology motion detectors.Outdoor motion light sensors are one of the most practical yet efficient ways to improve home security.  This kind of device uses sensors that detect movements in the vicinity of the light. Most of these sensors employ microwaves or infrared rays. Besides, it reduces the chances of burglaries because thieves naturally look for properties that are poorly lit. It can likewise help deter other animals and pests.

As there are numerous types of sensors in the market today, you should know how to choose the right one for you. The appropriate sensor for you will depend on several factors such as budget, level of protection required, efficiency of the sensor, site conditions, and property usage. You may ask the recommendation of professionals such as an eligible intruder alarm engineer to help you decide on which motion detectors would be ideal for your situation.

Moreover, there’s a plethora of other physical perimeter security solutions today, such as intrusion-detection systems, high-security fencing, access control, gate operators and more. Modern security solutions have significantly changed to meet the demands of perimeter security, leading to new technological developments. Perimeter alarms remains to be one of the most popular motion detection security devices. Protect your home, properties and family by choosing the right system for you.


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