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Whole Home Automation

Here you can see some of the various services that our clients are asking to be automated from window controls to security and alarms, light controls, HVAC control, STB, Remote controls, Environmental monitoring, door control, and motion sensors among others. Our goal is for you to be able to fully relax when you are sitting in your living room by being able to control everything from the couch whether that is closing the shades or turning on the surround system all from a single remote or iPhone app.

Project Type: Whole Home Automation
Client: International Projects
Availability: Since 2010
Keywords: Entertainment & Utility control

It is becoming increasingly more important to pay attention to recent technology as it can not only keep you safe but protect your budget. Save your dollars on AC and use them to enjoy your next trip! Contact Global Home Automation today to be put in touch with a specialist in your area.