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Commercial & Government

Your office building is expensive to run regardless of whether it is for commercial or government needs. Take back control of your budget and utility bills by automating your power usage. Smart controls on your lighting, shading, heat and air conditioning, security and more can help you save money and reduce the necessary human intervention and resources that you may be using to control them now.

Project Type: Commercial & Government Offices
Locations: International
Release Date: 2002
Keywords: Security & Energy Automation

Shading for example can help you control how much heat is let in from outside which can rapidly increase your costs. Having the shades automatically come down at certain intervals throughout the day or having a switch to have an entire room, floor, building, or set of buildings have the shades come down can save tens of thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. Ensuring that lights are automatically turned off at certain hours or easily controlled for an entire building can save you from unexpected spikes on your lighting bills resulting from tens of hundreds of lights not being turned off over night. Another common example is bathroom lights, nobody is using the bathrooms during many hours of the day and especially during the night and it makes sense to turn them off when they are not in use.