Vutec ArtScreen Systems Take Entertainment to Different Level

Vutec Silverstar 3D VisionThe trend these days in terms of home design leans toward home automation. From home security and protection to monitoring utilities, many homeowners rely on home automation solutions to make their lives much easier.

The drift seems to have moved toward entertainment, as media centers are no longer confined to the four corners of the living room. With the introduction of new technology, home entertainment has now surpassed people’s expectations and high standards.

 Vutec, a name associated with hi-performance projection screens and AV accessories, proves that television need not be boxy and unwieldy. Through Vutec’s award-winning technology, movie savants can now enjoy their favorite flicks through sleek and easy to store 3D projector screens.


The ultimate cinematic experience

 Superior in quality and sound, Vutec’s Patented Silverstar Screens offer unparalleled cinematic experience that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Using innovative metallic-based technology, images on the screen appear more beautiful than life, thanks to an increased color saturation and high contrast. The 3D effect is largely due to a polarization process, which delivers lifelike images.

With its extruded black velvet-finished frame, Silverstar Screen projectors are a stylish addition to any home. These highly sophisticated projectors are also customizable, so homeowners can have their own personalized piece of technology.

Digital artwork

 However, it’s not Vutec’s unmatched Silverstar Screens that make the company a leading home automation integrator. Its ArtScreen Systems transform a seemingly unassuming piece of flat screen television into a 

Vutec VisionXwork of art.  The ArtScreen technology conceals the rather unsightly blank screen of the television by displaying an artwork when the unit is not in use.

  With a touch of a button, the artwork comes up and hides the bare screen, allowing homeowners to enjoy a piece of art without necessarily moving away the television to another location. The artworks come out in an ascending or descending fashion and takes up the whole television screen so you’ll only see the masterpiece and not the black, unsightly television screen.

 The ArtScreen also blends well with the existing interior design of the home. With a wide variety of licensed masterpieces to choose from, homeowners can personalize the artwork that comes with their television display. From legendary sports prints to works of notable contemporary artists, you can rest assured that all artworks are created only by extraordinary modern artists. 

Installer-friendly televisions

 ArtScreen can be displayed on recessed surfaces or mounted on the wall. These installer-friendly units also comes with slim line mounting options. Each ArtScreen system comes with sample kits, which contain frames, liners, and images. For images not included in the kit, owners of ArtScreen can search different artworks from the Vutec site, or better yet, have their own masterpieces reproduces.

 Whether you are in search for a modest screen for the living room or a colossal one for your front yard, Vutec has what you need to take home automation and entertainment to a different level. With Vutec’s state-of-the-art screens, boring and bulky television sets are now a thing of the past.


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