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While numerous home owners like you think saving as much money as possible around the home is a good thing, a surprising number of people haven’t been through burglaries or thefts, and are often taken advantage of by the insurance companies hired to protect their goods.  Savant, offering 100% wireless command of all your appliances, offers the surveillance options which all home automation integrator companies should’ve years ago.

We are often taught to do everything we possibly can to ensure that we are protected from fires in our homes; however, we are never really told what the potential causes of fire can be. It is difficult to protect ourselves and our homes if we do not really know what we are protecting ourselves from. Each year more than 60,000 house fires are reported and around 500 people will die due to these avoidable fires. With optional carbon monoxide monitoring and around the clock fire monitoring, Savant can help families salvage their homes before fires even begin.


Automation You Control

Thanks to currently hot mobile devices from Apple, Savant allows home owners comprehensive wireless control of many conveniences like stoves, home theater systems and lighting.  Offering an unprecedented level of energy efficiency, simplistic control and end-user support, Savant has perfected their place as your home automation integrator for today, continuously evolving new ideas for tomorrow.

There are a huge number of homeowners out there who would never consider switching to home automation systems to conserve energy and control potentially dangerous home invasions – meaning they’re quite happy to go on paying through the nose for home insurance while possibly replacing everything they own, over and over again.

Savant – Saving Energy, One Home At A Time

Can home automation systems and energy efficiency go hand in hand? Does having home automation positively or negatively affect energy efficiency of your home? Arguments can be made for both sides, and careful analysis is necessary for you to make the right decision for your individual needs.  With Savant, consumers can enjoy all the liberties of being at home, including:

  • Smart energy monitoring which controls energy consumption;
  • Intelligent lighting schemas which create ambience when needed;
  • Audio control and distribution for your home entertainment needs;
  • Intercom services through your iPad, iPhone or tablet devices

Because these services are still relatively infant, plenty of room for perfection exists.  Savant identifies, tests and perfects their home automation contractor services so your life remains simplistic, regardless where you’re controlling your life from.

Making ‘Seamless’ Seem Easy

Thanks to home automation contractor services like Savant, we’re able to unravel the power of wireless home control technology while streamlining the various tasks, like energy control, in our daily lives. It is safe to say then that without the home automation way of living, we will not be able to accomplish the dubious task of protecting our properties seamlessly while working long hours each day. Moreover, without home automation technology, we are all left in the abyss of unexplored territories of saving energy, increasing property values and keeping our children safe.

Savant remains proactive in developing all facets of remote home protection, making your mobile phone a centralized command center for all things around your home.


Savant Light Power Climate Security and Entertainment Control

Savant Light Power Climate Security and Entertainment Control

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