Lutron lighting and automated shading for backyard luxury houseLutron North American Home Automation Systems

Because home automation technology and consumer product conventions give us an inside peak at what to look for in the future, it’s no surprise that one Coopersburg, Pennsylvania firm has exemplified their placed as your home automation contractor of tomorrow.  Providing exterior lighting control, interior temperature monitoring and control over today’s modern luxuries, Lutron has quickly achieved champion status in the world of home automation.

They’ve entered the market at all levels of income before offering premier services for $1M dollar homes, something few companies can glean about.  Although many homes around North America still need to automate processes they normally dont, it is a fair assessment that they already have a security solution for everyone with various home automation budgets.

Lutron: Real Company, Real Solutions

Out of the 2,000-plus companies we profiled as security systems providers in the North American market area, we were able to remove nearly ¾ of the companies due to unavailable or inconclusive information, non-related services, those that were not offering home automation, those that were not offering mobile web access, and those that had 1 employee, which is an indication of a subcontractor or reseller.  Because Lutron has firm supplanted their services around an area of over 350 million people, it’s safe to assume they’re serious about being your home automation integrator of tomorrow.

Through penetration testing, or “pen testing” as it’s also called, Lutron can field test their own security devices to assure the homes they’re installed in will withstand virtually any outside threats.  This level of testing is a crucial component to a whole series of different procedures that all form part of a general security audit, more commonly done in business environments yet growing popular in home automation.Lutron dimmer effect in mansion

Automation Within Emerging Markets

The world economy is changing fast and the new emerging markets are rapidly becoming the true driving force of global growth, hence the rise of home automation contractors. Consequently, many companies are now looking to get an early foothold in these economies to take advantage of where the growth is happening right now, and will continue to happen for the foreseeable future.

These new developing economies are seeing projected growth rates three times higher than the more established economies such as the United States. Moreover, one of the reasons why North American home automation integrators are doing better right now is from growth in non-US markets.

Lutron lighting controls save energy worldwide in nice homes and officesBecause Lutron has jumped aboard the home automation train with breadth, they’ve managed to do two things:

  • Built online order systems where customers can easily qualify and set up installation times, pay the fees, and have access to live chat in case questions that are not in a FAQ section were to arise.  This was perhaps more difficult that the services they provide, yet they pulled it off.
  • Briefly use the North American rate of burglaries/robberies/thefts as an indirect pitch to increase sales based on the need for parents/loved ones to feel safe when at work or on the road.


Home automation technology has gone from something that played an important role in the lives of many, to something that it would be quite impossible to comprehend today’s society not having.  Lutron sits somewhere atop both facets as home automation integrator champs of today, working endlessly to make your home processes more seamless tomorrow.

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