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Control 4 Residential and Commercial Automation

Security cameras have become quite common throughout the world. Shops, marketplaces and even some homes are fitted with security cameras for surveillance. The substantial increase in the use of security cameras has been prompted by an increase in crime rates. Consequently, it is of no surprise that people tend to take every precaution to protect them, especially by means of home automation.

Maintaining a strong brand presence, offering low priced activations for home automation systems while maintaining relatively low product prices for package deals, Control 4 residential and commercial automation offers what others simply cannot: a full buffet of remote property control and entertainment – all wrapped into one monthly package that’s both affordable, and lock-tight.

Why Control 4 Knows Home Automationcontrol4-eqipment2

Understanding the ultimate consequences of a break-in can be little short of disastrous, with financial loss, a damaged reputation, or potential abduction being but three of many potential magnitudes of disaster home owners could face.  With the ability to control outer perimeters, music volumes and all interior electronics from afar, Control 4 has spent decades developing, perfecting and marketing their home automation services better than all major brands combined.

Audiophiles can revel in the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge, offering an intuitive cutting-edge method for music to stream through the same automation system which monitors their homes.  From sports to talk shows and more, Control 4 knows home automation doesn’t have to bore you.

Monitoring Technology Has Taken Off

Remote monitoring was once something that was reserved for large companies with sophisticated systems. However, over the years, this technology has come on in leaps and bounds and today, companies of all sizes have the option of monitoring their remote systems; getting alerts sent to their phones, email inboxes and anywhere else you can think of! Monitoring technology can be used for many different purposes. Dangers that befall an unattended house can seamlessly remain under your control.

control4_hdr_2011When it comes to burglary, an experienced burglar knows a wide variety of tricks that will them to gain entry inside your home.  Because there’s little ‘transparency’ with the vast array of surveillance equipment offered by Control 4, you’re all but guaranteed the inventive nature of cameras, sensors and other remote video monitoring technology used by Control 4 will deter future break-in attempts.

Control 4 Has Growth Room

Home automation is said to replace the need for guarding services by 2015, when most everything in the security segment is said to be closing in on total automation.  Control 4 has plenty of growth room since many companies cannot offer equipment, installation and monthly monitoring for lower prices forever whereas Control 4 has better technology to propagate 24/7 monitoring seamless, and cost-effectively.

With such a wide open market at the present time, and the small amounts of online presence, it appears that this would be an opportune time to enter the internet market and social media segments in full effect, which should immediately show results due to the fact the other markets lack this infiltration.  The market for home automation systems is on the incline, and looks to continue that trend as mobile computing continues to evolve.  Control 4 could very well get a stranglehold on the marketplace quickly.


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