Outdoor Automation

Luxury-Outdoor-Home-AutomationOutdoor Automation Takes Home Automation to a New Level

 The concept of home automation is not one that people have a hard time understanding these days. Utilizing a device such as an iPad or an iPhone, people can control their draperies, their HVAC system, their security system and so forth from any location. This is what allows people traveling to London, for instance, to turn on the heating in their home in the Hamptons, if they happen to forget before they left. It’s also what allows them to monitor the home, no matter where they may be.

 Not all home automation takes place inside the home, however. Plenty of people have features installed on the outside of their home that benefit just as much from home automation integrators as do features inside the home.

 Pools and Spas

Being able to control pools and spas from a remote location can be extremely handy. With a good home automation integrator, you can start up your spa before a party to make sure that it’s warmed up and ready to go. You can also turn on the lighting in your pool and take care of any other automated features on your pool the matter where you may be.

 Because home automation systems also enable you to control entertainment features, it’s very easy to get your home ready to go for a party if you’re on your way home and don’t have time to do everything once you get there. Using your iPhone or your iPad, you can simply turn on the lighting, turn on the music and whatever else you want and have everything ready to go by the time you get into the door. This is also great if you happen to have people coming over in advance of you getting there, so that the home is ready to welcome them.outdoor-audio-video-systems-by-DSI-Entertainment


 frontgate_outdoor_entertainment_island-400-400Some of the most important security features installed on any home are actually installed at the perimeter of the property, not in the home itself. Home automation integration allows the user to get information from any of their home security devices, including cameras and other devices, no matter where they happen to be located at the time. If you should receive an alert from your alarm system, it’s easy enough to patch in and take a look at what’s going on over your cameras.

 In addition to this, you’re able to turn on lighting and any other equipment you need to that’s hooked up to the home automation integrator, which can be a great way to provide a deterrent against crime. If you get an alert that someone has penetrated the perimeter of your home, for instance, it’s easy enough to turn on every light in the yard, every light in the house, trip the alarm and do everything you have to do make your home very uninviting for an intruder. Whether you happen to be welcoming people over to your home for a party or trying to get them to leave your home before they steal something, home automation can play an important role.

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