• Customized and tiered proposal
  • Local experts for in-person consultation
  • Rates competitive to each market
  • Full service solution for each vertical
  • Manage from mobile devices ( iPad, Android, Etc )
  • Respected and luxury quality service

Protecting your home and business is essential whether that is your bills from high energy usage or the actual perimeter security of it. We are here to help you integrate the latest technology to easily manage everything day to day.

Automate your life and easily control it from the comfort of your own mobile device such as iPads, iPhones, Androids and other tablets or web connected devices.

What We Do

Enjoy entertainment throughout your house by controlling your TV’s, Speakers, Media Centers, Networking and more easily from any mobile device or special switch in your home.

Immediately get alerts on your mobile device of important events such as a motion or a break in being detected, view your cameras, lock the house, and/or notify the police to make a visit ASAP!

Monitor your energy usage, adjust your heating and air-conditioning settings, and change the lighting or shading systems all from your mobile devices or switches in the home. Be anywhere and rest assured that your bill and usage will be in line with what you are expecting!

No unexpected spikes from lights or AC running while on vacations, turn it off from your iPhone!

Frequently Asked Questions

When your families enjoyment and security depends on these systems it is important to rely only on experienced firms who understand the complexities of home automation. We ensure the job gets done right every time!
Whether looking at automating your entire entertainment system, your shading and lighting, home security, or monitoring utility usage we only integrate the highest quality systems from trusted world-class suppliers.
Everybody has their own needs and our consultants are creative, reliable, and professional as they come up with a customized game plan to automate your home exactly how you want.
This may mean utilizing different suppliers and manufacturers for similar use cases if the customer prefers the user interface of one system over another, or what sort of maintenance a certain solution requires.
We keep your budget, goals, and timeline in mind while we craft your solution each and every time.

We get discounts from our suppliers and help our customers by providing those materials at highly competitive rates to ensure your job is done as cost effectively as possible while maintaining a high quality. Our moral and ethical values ensure the customer is always the first priority.

Our Contractor Network

Canada and South America
United Kingdom / Europe
United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) & Dubai
United States of America ( USA )

Our Quality comes through Dedication

For residences, businesses, and governments our automation solutions help you control your practical day better for relaxation, money saving, and security protection. Reach out to our consultants to get a customized proposal.
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World Class Automation Solutions We Integrate

  • Crestron Home Automation Technology
  • Lutron Lighting Automation Solutions
  • Honeywell Home and Business Security Systems
  • Acoustic Innovations industry leading home theater products
  • Digital Watchdog Security Products
  • Vutec Commercial and Residential Projection-Screens and AV Accessories
  • Savant Automation Systems
  • Denon Entertainment
  • Control 4 Smart home Automation
  • Seura Luxury Outdoor and Indoor TV Entertainment Solutions
  • INSTEON Home Automation Solutions
  • AMX Home Automation Solutions